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 "Alford is the market-leader in producing user-filled explosive charges."

Alford Technologies provide innovative Counter-Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED), Conventional Munitions Disposal (CMD), Breaching and Explosive Demolition tools and training to Defence, Security, Police and Corporate customers worldwide.

For over a quarter of a century Alfords have innovated and led the development of new explosive charges in response to operational requirements and evolving threats. Our equipment is fully developed, tested and produced in-house through our state-of-the-art design and rapid prototyping equipment and world class range facilities and is always designed with both the operator and the environment in which it will be deployed in mind.

As an award-winning company, we are fast growing and highly dynamic and pride ourselves in our ability to respond to customer needs with the speed and expertise required to meet urgent operational requirements.



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Alfords' ranges of user-filled explosive charges are globally renowned. Based on decades of experience and numerous inventions and patents, we believe that they are the best products you can buy.


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Alford Technical Services cover a wide range of specialities all linked to our unrivalled experience and knowledge in the field of explosives.  experien   ce and knowledge in the  




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FAB70 Bomb - Successfully Low-Ordered in Poland - 16 December 2013

An FAB70 General Purpose Bomb was found near a busy railway line in Poland on 14 Dec 2013.

TV Appearance - Gatecrasher on Dutch TV - 04 December 2013

Gatecrasher successfully breached a double skinned wall on National Dutch TV.

Launch: Explosive Capability Kits - 19 November 2013

Five new Explosive Capability Kits have been developed for IEDD, EOD, Breaching and Demolition experts.

Launch: Pluton Maritime EOD (PLMEOD) Kit - 18 November 2013

The Pluton Maritime EOD (PLMEOD) Kit is a user-filled shaped charge system designed to support underwater EOD operations. 

TV Appearance: Kevin McCloud's Man Made Home - 18 November 2013

Dr Alford made a UK television appearance in a programme by renowned designer Kevin McCloud explosively creating a BBQ from a WWII mine.